The Ouachita Riverkeeper, Inc. is part of the international Waterkeeper Alliance, improving the environment through community action and inter-relational networking for a common purpose. The Ouachita Riverkeeper received its tax-exempt status in 2007.


Cheryl Slavant, the designated Riverkeeper, has been actively involved in environmental work for 20 years. She has dealt with air, water and land issues. As president of the board of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network and a member of the board for years, she understands networking and has organized many citizens groups to deal with their particular environmental issues.



Ouachita Riverkeeper Board

President Ronnie Greer is President of Friends of Festhenthal and lives on the banks of the Ouachita River. (AR.)


Vice President Dr. Michael Caire is the founder of S.O.R.E. (Save Ouachita River Environment) and has special interest in environment and reproductive toxins. (La)


Treasurer Sam Russell an avid river sportsman and board member of “Save the Ouachita” also lives on the banks of the Ouachita River. (AR.)


Secretary Kent Stegall serves as President of “Save the Ouachita”, an organization that has won 2 prestigious awards for their outstanding work on the Ouachita River. Mr. Stegall also lives on the banks of the Ouachita River. (AR.)


Dr. Dwight Vines is the past president of Northeast Louisiana University, (now ULM) congressional aide to Congressman John Cooksey and is now in charge of Economic DEVELOPMENT for the city of Monroe, Louisiana. (La.)


Leslie La Croix, an attorney in Monroe, also owns a marina on Moon Lake and is a past Commander of the POWER Squad, which represents House Boat Owners. (La.) 


Glenn Gore is the president of the Ouachita River Foundation and advocate for the Ouachita River’s beauty, history and environment. The Ouachita River Foundation offers news, EDUCATION and updates on the Ouachita River. (La.)


David Gore, Advocate for the Ouachita River, designs and manages the Ouachita River Foundation website. He has extensive experience with the media. (La.)


Leo Miller, a lawyer and the current president of the Power Squad enjoys the Ouachita River with his wife Cathy from their houseboat. 

Clyde Temple has extensive knowledge of the watersheds and has been an advocate for many years serving on various commissions and committees. (AR.) 

Scotty Seastrom works in the Marine Industry and lives on the Lake Catherine in Arkansas. He has extensive knowledge of the upper Ouachita River Watershed. (AR.)

Jerry Johnson is a former police juryman for Morehouse Parish and lives on the Ouachita River. (La.)


Their goal is to return the Ouachita River to its original condition and restore its reputation as one of the ten most beautiful rivers in the world.


The Ouachita River watershed’s economic impact would increase exponentially.

People could fish, boat and swim in the waters with confidence.

The river is a plentiful source of drinking water.

It is hard to imagine another group of more knowledgeable, experienced, active advocates for the Ouachita River watershed. This outstanding group of citizens is committed to the study of this watershed and in finding real solutions.