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The Ouachita Riverkeeper

featured in article for

Newsweek about the pollution in Crossett, AR. 



Clean it up!

Keep it clean! 

The Ouachita Riverkeeper's purpose is to restore and monitor the Ouachita River watershed to ensure that the people who use this resource enjoy a clean and SAFE environment and to protect that environment for future generations. Pictures courtsey of Glenn Gore.


Time has brought about many changes along the Ouachita since the days of the Indians....yet there still remains today many areas along the river that are reminiscent of the times when the only ones who walked the banks and floated its waters were the Indians...areas where one feels as though being transported back in time.

Many of the bayous, brakes, backwater ponds and lakes along the course of the Ouachita have survived the ravages of time and CONTINUE, as in the past, to provide habitat and cover for the abundant wildlife living along its banks.


The Ouachita flows as a mountain stream through the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas before becoming a river below Hot Springs Arkansas. Below Hot Springs the Ouachita flows south on ITS COURSE into Louisiana.

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